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The albums...

  "The Romantic" - 2011
'Lyrically cynical yet resoundingly up beat, musically adventurous yet easily accessible. The Romantic is Paul Mosley's strongest, most complete offering yet' - Modern Acoustic magazine
A bolder, band based sound featuring a garage orchestra of tuned percussion and guest spots from Mediaeval Baebe Esther Dee, Ex-Moses star Sophie Bradley and Plakka's Bobby Kennedy.
Includes the singles 'Phantoms (Ghostbustin'), 'I Won't Kiss You' and 'Electric Superman'
  "The Ventriloquist" - 2009
'Genius' - Jamie Lawson
'Ukulele-powered psychodramas, inventive tunes and instrumental surprises' - Pandarobics

Mixing delicate acoustic instrumentation with subtle electronics and self sampling to create 11 songs that rage articulately against unrequited love and bad communication. The title track featured in the BBC 4 documentary 'Ventriloquists'. Also includes live favourites 'This Way For Fun' and 'I Am The Flood'.
  "Monkeys, Pigs and Wolves" - 2008-2010
'Imagine Jose Gonzales cloaked in an 80's pop poncho... The best thing he's done' - Volume magazine
Originally released as separate EPs in 2008, this 2010 compilation is now the only way to get the 'self sampling' EPs. Building brand new songs from the raw tracks of previous albums this is a truly unique electro-acoustic sound. Features live favourites 'Firebelly Vampire' and 'Wolfboy and Me'.
  "Then I Woke Up and it was All a Dream" - 2007
'A lost classic' - BBC 6music
'Lovely and delicious' - Oliver Postgate

Based on composer Vernon Elliotts music for the Small Films TV classics 'Clangers', 'Noggin the Nog', 'Ivor the engine' etc this is a mini masterpiece of fairy tale folk featuring harp from Tom Moth of Florence's machine, Miss Carolyn Mark, Sam Brown and Grandmaster Gareth of Misty's Big Adventure. A true gem.
  "Fear" - 2006
'Nick Drake is the obvious comparison but there is so much more to Mosley than that, excellent songs, unusual arrangements and the loveliest of voices' - Rhythm magazine
10 songs and 3 haunting instrumentals showcasing the melancholy harp of Tom Moth and Paul's lonesome, lovely voice. Features most downloaded song 'Not a Dog'.

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